Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back by popular demand-Ottawas and others

Time to have another look at those hardworking yard tractors, this time more Ottawas and some others.
As unlicensed (i.e. off road) vehicles, which do not travel on public roadways, sometimes these yard tractors are a little hard looking. However they still get the job done.
The largest "all Ottawa" fleet now working in Halifax belongs to the Halterm container terminal. Easily viewable through chain link fencing, they are continually on the move between the ship loading cranes and the stackers or straddle lifts in the container storage areas.

1. Containers are lifted off the ship and landed directly onto container trailers.
 2. Seconds later the trucks speed off to destination.

3. Some trailers are single axle, but all can carry two 20 foot or one 40 or 42 foot container. Note the cardboard patch over the skylite on this truck.

4. A 40 foot sea container on a single axle trailer.
5. A double axle trailer with a 40 foot container.
6. Reefer containers were loaded  with doors facing frontward, as they came off the ship.
7. Another reefer on a single axle chassis.

8. A through the fence shot of a truck running through the security scanner.

9. Most containers are unloaded by straddle carriers and stacked on the ground. Similar straddle carriers reload them onto rail cars or highway trailer/trucks.
10. Lift off, then back to the shipside for another one.
11. Parked at the end of the day. The first unit in the line is #3 and it carries an inspection platform.

Several truck terminal operators also have yard tractors at their warehouse locations for shifting trailers.

12. Guysboro Transport Ltd has this Capacity at work in Burnside. The driver is careful not to drive out onto the public street. It is unlicensed, and therefore "off road".

13. This one is a mystery - I haven't been able to get close enough to find a maker's plate.

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  1. A-ha! I photographed a yellow Sunbury Capacity a while back, I didn't realize that was the manufacturer's name. This one had NB plates on it, though, so was presumably currently licenced.