Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ottawa monopoly no more

1. Logistec Stevedoring operates half a dozen flat top Ottawas.

2. Typical is unit 9101 (does 91 represent the year? I think so.)

Among the yard tractors in use in the Port of Halifax, both container piers and one of the stevedoring companies were almost exclusively Ottawa territory until recently. Although Ottawa is the name of Canada's capital city, the yard tractors are named for Ottawa, Kansas, USA. The long history of the Ottawa ownership is too complex for me to understand, but suffice it to say, there has been a Finnish element to its ownership since 1993 when Sisu bought the Ottawa Truck Corp to strengthen its own line of terminal tractors. In 1998 Sisu acquired Kalmar Industries and Ottawa became part of Kalmar. Sisu was owned by the government of Finland and became Partek Industries, which it privatised in 2002 when sold to Kone (the elevator and crane people). Kone then sold Sisu truck (military and highway vehicles) to private owners, and Sisu axles to Berkshire Hathaway, which merged it with Marmon Highway Technologies (the makers of all wheel drives).
In 2005 when Kone spun off  Kalmar it became part of Cargotec Corp, which also owns HIAB cranes and MacGregor cargo handling. Ottawa yard tractors are now part of this large materials handling conglomerate and are one of the dominant players in the yard tractor world. They are said to have produced in excess of 50,000 units.
Others include Capacity in the USA and Terberg in Europe. Smaller players include Autocar [see previous postings] and Tico, a US firm founded 1986.
Recently Fairview Cove decided to replace some of its aging Ottawas.

3. Typical of Fairview's retired Ottawas is this one, still with the Sisu Ottawa name plate.

4. The lineup of retirees includes some flat top and some raised top models.

5. There is a variety of paint schemes and minor model differences. 

Tico is the supplier of a new fleet of yard tractors for the Fairview Cove container terminal in Halifax, which is operated by Cerescorp. Displacing the aging Ottawas is the glass fiber cab Pro Spotter. Tico, with strong Canadian sales and service representation, is based in either Ridgeland, SC or Savannah, GA, depending on who you believe. They have produced some 1,500 units, with the BC Ferries Corp having purchased a fleet for their drop trailer service. Tico also builds container trailers.

6. One of several new Ticos which entered service earlier this year.

7. The tractor is paired with a new trailer.

Ottawa and Tico also provide lease fleets, and operate fleets on lease to users.

There are still a few odd yard tractors around the waterfront. P&H Milling (formerly Dover Mills) still operates its CCC (Crane Carrier Corp) tractor - posted here before. Oddest man out however must this Plan opertated by Oceanex.
8. This ancient Plan still sees regular, but not intense, work.
I have no information on the manufacturers of Plan.

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