Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scania challenge

No photos for this one-and here's why.
While whizzing through New Brunswick on July 3 I was surprised to see a Scania straight truck, long hood, with a water tanker body, grinding up a hill northbound. Since it was going the other way on a divided Highway I did not give chase. Scania conventionals were marketed in the US briefly, many years ago, but they are very rare. Since this truck was spotted in New Brunswick, and very close to the Maine border, I was pondering if it was perhaps brought in from there. It was painted in a light brown colour, almost suggestive of a military origin.
Only minutes later I was totally blown away by a Scania COE tilt cab pulling an Erb Transport highway trailer. It was also going the other way, and I did not pursue it either. This one must be virtually unique in Canada. It looked like a typical European model, but not new. It was painted in Erb colours and was going about its business at highway speed.
If anyone has any insights into these Scanias, I would love to hear about them.

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  2. good day
    That Scania watertruck is used by a resurface-company from Moncton,NB area.
    The Cabover is owned by my friend who lives in Ontario. It's a 143 topline 450HP with 14L V8 engine. He also owns an 142 and another 143(still restorating).

    1. Luc, als je mijn mailtje ontvangt,laat je eens iets horen?
      Linda ( Scholliers)


  3. I saw the 143 COE heading towards NS, close to the NB border on 21Jun on our way up from Halifax airport.. was stunned to see it and am glad I have found where it hailed from now.....

    PS... I am from UK


  4. I saw the conventional watertruck in Saint John last summer, and in full honesty it's the one truck that rekindled my interest in trucks. It's pretty much at the top of my list of local trucks to photograph!