Saturday, July 28, 2012

Internationals on delivery

A trio of new Internationals were parked near a motel in Dartmouth this morning, on delivery to Newfoundland. This is not the first time I have seen truckers staying at this hotel while delivering trucks to Newfoundland. I am not sure why they are here, since Halifax is more than an hour off the Transcanada highway, and not on the direct route to Newfie. (The Rolls Royce sign in the background has nothing to do with the trucks-it is a marine engineering offshoot of the famous car makers. However back in the early 1960s, International Harvester trucks were available with Rolls Royce diesels. I don't think they were successful however.)

The big twin steer unit has its regular headlights blanked off and custom square lights mounted in the bumper. The third unit has a delivery sticker for the City of Corner Brook. The first two units also have their rear windows covered to protect them from flying stones. I'm not sure what the piece is sitting in the middle of the frame.
Delivery is being carried out by Truckmovers of Kansas City MO, and the lead unit has a Missouri plate tie wrapped to the grille. See

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