Saturday, July 28, 2012

From the Horses for Courses Department

The British expression "horses for courses" is rarely heard on this side of the Atlantic, but is does apply to three specialist trucks I spotted this week. Each truck has been prepared to do a specific task, which of course means that it wouldn't be much good at doing some other task. Some horses can run in the mud, others are better at long distances, etc., so here are some examples from the truck world:

1. The neighbourhood crow is stalking this big Cat straight truck parked for a little washdown on the passenger side. Atlantic Cat, the local dealer for Cat trucks (and all other sorts of Cat equipment) has fitted out this rig as a mobile service vehicle. I'll see it again someday and hope to get a better shot, but it serves also as a mobile billboard and demo for the new line of Cat trucks, so it is on the go all over the region.  
2. This single screw Freightliner has been fitted out to haul recreational vehicles, and has "RVLiner" on its hood and a "Not For Hire" sign on the side. It has large tool boxes and a supply of spare tires and rims behind the sleeper. Although set up for light loads, it has lots of fuel capacity in the large stainless tanks.

3. Wireline Well Serices Tunisia will be taking delivery of this International chassis truck, which is being shipped out through Halifax. The shipping label gives a weight of 21,000 kg.
4. Sammy is a specially painted Freightliner plow truck from the Halifax Regional Municipality employed in the off season to promote safety. Sammy does his summer work in parades and at fairs, but when the (shudder) snow flies, he will return to more mundane duties.  (Sammy is one of the few F'liners in the HRM fleet, which is predominantly Volvo).

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