Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UPS - more anonomobiles

UPS now has its service up and running in Atlantic Canada, and its Freightliner delivery vans are common sights on the roads.
I have been surprised to see some vehicles other than the usual P&D types, and as is customary with UPS all outward signs of the vehicle's manufacturer have been removed.
1. This International has no logo or model number. The white box is an interesting variation on the usual moncolour. It may be for intercity work where the delivery vans are for within the city.
2. I have seen this Ontario plated van working downtown in Halifax. The big Ford pie plate has been removed from the grille and back door.
3. Another badgeless International, this time with the box painted in the standard colour.  A sticker on the door says "Horizon Transport" with a US DOT number. Again possibly an intercity unit. A vandal has removed the battery cover.
4. The curb side of the first truck shown above, features two roll up doors.

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