Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sterlings still on the road

Even though Daimler halted Sterling production in 2009 and shuttered the plant for good, there are still zillions of Sterlings on the road (or so it seems).
There is also considerable variety, as I have shown in the past, with former Ford cabs in various configurations, but that is not all:

1. and 2. When Daimler owned Chrysler, they decided to give the Sterling dealers a small truck, and rebranded the Dodge Ram to do the job. I predict these will become collectors items, since so few of them were built. Maritime Fence has already rebuilt the front of their Sterling/Ram after an accident.

3. Even before shedding Chrysler, Daimler built some Sterling low profile and lighter duty vehicles, including this compact compactor operated by the City of Cleveland,OH. It uses most of the regular Louisville cab components.

4. Jack T. Cooper runs this low-rise Sterling built for autorack service.

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