Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surely you can't mean it!

Yes, astute readers will have noted that in the past I have sniffed at the last generation Autocars (those of the White/GMC and Volvo variety.) I still think that the original Autocars were unbeatable, but I have had second thoughts about the later versions.
My new position is - anything wearing an Autocar badge is worthy of note. Therefore I present the following gallery of 2G and 3G Autocars Even they are becoming rare these days-so it is fun to see some still on the road.
1. Brand new 1992-09-05 at Rivière Malbaie, QC, likely destined for woods or chip work.

2. Another just delivered, in Truro, NS 1993-05-17, complete with headache rack.

3. Also in Truro 1993-06-30 - a little more chrome on this one.

4. The City of Moncton ran several White/GMC Autocars, fitted for plow work. Also no chrome on the rads, 1994-07-05.

5. Gilles Brouillard twin steer dog and pup take a lunch break at St-Siméon, QC ca. 1995.

6. The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Public Work had a fleet of plows, with salt spreader and dump bodies. 1996-08-25.

7. A rough looking load of timber, on a rough looking 'car, operated by Highland Pulp Ltd of Truro, NS. 1996-09-28.

8. Bright, shiny and new at McKay's in Truro, 1996-10-17.

9. Owen Davis Trucking was a big A'car fan and was loyal even into the White/GMC days. This tri-axle doesn't appear to be overworked hauling a Volvo off road dumper. 1997-02-15.

10. In from the cold, dog dirty and loaded for bear, this Nova Scotia DTPW plow has a hopper type salt spreader, a certain percentage of the cargo has stuck to the truck. Burnside 1997-03-23.

11. Transport Jean-Pierre Langlais of Cabano, QC added some pinstriping to this logger, at Dégelis, QC 1997-08-30.

12. Twin steer dumpster hauler (one of a pair) at Trois-Rivières, QC 1997-08-31.
13. At the dealer's, (McKay's in Truro, NS) the Volvo tag has been added to the arrow, and no more White/GMC. Rankin Pulp Hauling Ltd of Mabou, NS was about to take delivery of this Volvo/ Autocar. 1996-10-17.

14. Volvo is the brand on this pulp loader for Eric Noble Trucking, also at Truro, 1999-10-20.

15. At McKay' in Truro, 1994-06-30, this White/GMC Autocar has just arrived in Owen Davis colours.

16. 2011-03-26 at Owen Davis Sons & Daughter Contracting Ltd, in Lower Sackville, NS. One of two White/GMC A'cars still running.

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  1. Love seeing some of these older photos. Can't remember now the last time I saw anything with an Autocar badge on it!