Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Valley Fire Apparatus

A visit to the Kentville Volunteer Fire Department revealed the answer to the riddle in the last posting, but a photo will have to wait for another time. The 1935 Chevrolet/Bickle, purchased new by the KVFD has been restored for parade duty, and is still in working order. It is housed in its own tiny bay, adjacent to the department's museum The latter included many interesting artifacts, including a couple of hose reel had carts and many photos and other memorabilia.
1. Ready to roll for a parade is the restored Chevrolet Bickle pumper.
In the apparatus bays the current operating units are at the ready-and an impressive lot they are:

2. Pumper No.7 is a 1050 gpm, 1990 Pierce Lance, built under license by Superior. (Superior was taken over by E-One in 1992, renamed E-One Canada in 2003 and closed in 2006. The "Superior" script over the rad was lost when E-One took over, as were the licensing agreements with Pierce and Smeal.)

3. Rescue No.4 is 2006 E-One.

4.Pumper No.3 is a 2000 Superior, 1500 gpm.

5. This International chassis tanker is in front line service.

6. A classic R model Mack dating from 1977, is the back-up tanker.

7. Ladder No.1 is this impressive E-One.

8. Newest unit in the fleet is this 2010 Pierce Velocity, 1750 gpm pumper. It has an enclosed operator's station amidships.

Kentville, Nova Scotia - worth a visit.


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