Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Fords and Best Place for Gas in Nova Scotia

Old Fords seem to keep on going. Two I saw yesterday:
1. A 1948-50 era F-5 COE cab has migrated to a newer chassis, complete with tilt? deck and sleeper. The set back axle must make for some interesting bus-like turns, but a nice rig nonetheless.

2. The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal keeps its Ford Louisville's running. This one saw duty in plow service, but has now been reconfigured as a liquid calcium chloride spreader so that we can spread dust suppressing salt in summer. (Coupled with our fondness for de-icing salt in the winter, we are year round salters!) This one works out of the West Chezzetcook plow garage (which to my mind is actually in Porter's Lake.)

3. Price of gas got you down? At 123.3 per gallon for regular, it is actually down more than 10 cents since Labour Day, but if you are looking for a deep discount, head for Musquodoboit Harbour. There you will find this tantalizing offer, under an antique sign, but at a real gas station.

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  1. Concerning the day&Ross (Fastrax) GMC general with a "Huge sleeper", the particular sleeper was from a company called "Shawnabec sleepers" from shawinigan québec. They were in production during late 80's an early 90's. As far as I know, they no longer exist. They used to advertise them as having 85 options available! They did looked great.
    André Richard
    Rimouski Québec