Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Autocar time - again!

Even late generation (Volvo) Autocars are becoming rare sights these days, so I was delighted to see three of them in the last month - two in Quebec, still earning their crust, and one in Nova Scotia, apparently a trade in, but with some life left in it.
1. This twin steer has been relegated to tank pumping. The large hub on the second axle forms a step to access the cab. The cab number indicates it is a 1995. If so, has it lost its Volvo arrow, or maybe it never had one - a pure Autocar? Quebec, August 20.

2. Another twin steer, in full dumping mode. This one on a set back axle chassis. The rad cap is up - but is it really a rad cap? This one has the arrow, but no Volvo badge. Quebec, August 5.

3. This well worn logger from Cape Breton is at the Peterbilt dealer's in Coldbrook, NS-likely a trade in on a new Pete. This appears to be of the last version built - Volvo arrow and badge on the grille, and Autocar badge only on the sides of the hood. The two previous photos had the Autocar badge at the top of the rad. September 13.

While the newer A'cars, under White/GMC, then Volvo didn't have the brute force charm of the older ones, but they did have a certain appeal. Too bad they are gone.


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