Friday, September 30, 2011

Crackerbox in the Valley

When I spotted a GMC Crackerbox conversion today - it got my mind ticking.
The GMC F model aluminum tilt cab, produced from 1959-1968 was your basic no frills fleet type tilt cab. The sleeper models had little more than a shelf slung on the back of the cab, and what styling there was, was confined to the front grille.
Lots of these were sold to the big fleets, but they weren't very common in Nova Scotia.
The one I saw today, at Look Off, Kings County [so named because it's on top of a mountain] was not far away from one I had seen before - but I couldn't remember when, so I went digging. Sure enough - I photographed a Crackerbox Jimmy in Canning [at the bottom of the same mountain] in 1983.
Any bets its the same one?
1. A GMC Crackerbox cab and a GMC New Look bus joined together-and quite possibly with the bus engine in the rear (the cab does not tilt anymore). A distinctive mobile home! Photo taken today at LW Layton's scrap yard, Look Off, NS., and apparently owned by the proprietor.

2. July 20, 1983, Canning, NS - long wheelbase Crackerbox, with converted dump body that looks look like it might be used for collecting scrap metal. Too much of a coincidence.

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