Thursday, September 15, 2011

Firetrucks in the Valley

It was a sunny day in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley on Wednesday, and the Wolfville VFD had four apparatus out on the apron.
1. The array of Wolfville's apparatus on the apron.

2. Pumper No. 1 is a 1500 gpm Superior (Canadian made E-One)

3. Pumper No.3 is also a 1500 gpm Superior.

4. Rescue No. 4 is a 1250 gpm E-One. The pump panel is mounted at the back.

5. Tower No.7 is and 85 foot ladder/tower on a Pierce Dash chassis.
Wolville also operates a 1050 gpm, 2500 gallon tanker, which was not in evidence. For more on the department see:

Nearby Kentville had most of its gear indoors, but there was one pumper out on the apron:

6. This is Pumper No.3, a 1500 gpm Superior, dating from 2000.

If you can't guess what is lurking behind the door, Kentville also has a website: which should give you a clue.


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