Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out of Towners

Despite terrible lighting conditions (like after dark, or into direct sun) Truckfax takes pictures of interesting trucks wherever possible.
1. A pair from Saskatchewan - a rare sight. Nice Pete, with rad emblem removed. The powder blue trailer is unusual.

2. Lavender coloured trailer is even odder.

3. Very clean Pete, as seen last evening.

Triangle Freight Services of Saskatoon, SK is a flat deck operator within the larger Siemens Transportation Group. The International Lone Star and Peterbilt were hauling low bed trailers with dollies. They were parked at Fairview Cove late last evening, and loaded a pair of ABB transformers this morning.

4. Forever Carrier of Brampton, ON has a much used KW T-900(?) with Studio Sleeper and a very new Stoughton trailer filled with store fittings, this morning.


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