Sunday, October 31, 2010

Steel Haulers

Ontario steel haulers use a variety of axle arrangements on their trailers.

1. The most popular arrangement is five axles, with axles one and five on lifts. This trio of Samuel's haulers all had the same trailers. They are also curtainsiders to allow side loading/unloading. Dutton, ON, October 25.

2. Nice to see a Mack once in a while. This one had a six axle trailer. Axles one and six are on air lifts. It looks like there is no weight on number six in this shot, but is it touching the ground. Tilbury, ON, October 24.


  1. Thank you for posting these cool steel haulers!!!!!! I love steel haulers mainly because my dad is one.

  2. It is a tool that milk truck drivers use to keep the milk crate stacks from falling over. We put these stacks on a 4 wheel dolly and put them into the semi trucks the truck drivers stick this tool in the middle of the crates where they all touch and it keeps it from falling over going over slight slopes or bumps. It is a very basic looking tool, kinda looks like a little metal table with 4 legs/prongs and a square base. Truck Chrome stacks