Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autocar withdrawal

After seeing some classic vintage Autocars on Biglorryblog the other day, I've been going through Autocar withdrawal. I did see an Autocar tilt cab garbage truck yesterday, but it was really a White in Autocar clothing.

Therefore it was nice to see Ace Towing's vintage Western Star with Autocar cab today. The set back axle, the cab, etc., looks Autocar, except for the hood.

When White acquired Autocar, they used the Autocar cab to upgrade their Mustang line, which later evolved into other model numbers. So when White set up White Western Star, they also used the Autocar cab. When Western Star was spun off it used the A'car cab too.
That cab was in use for about 40 years as far as I can tell - late forties to the nineties.
Ace Towing also has a dumpster hauling operation, and that is what this unit is used for.

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