Wednesday, October 13, 2010

White 7000

1. Garage Charlevoix Enr. of Baie St-Paul, QC used their White 7000 for medium duty work. They kept an Autocar for the big stuff. Not sure if they towed any bicycles for the neighbour. July 7, 1987.
2. Thames Valley Brick of Chatham, ON had a 7000 as pride of their fleet. They hauled brick and concrete block with this rig in May 1966.

3. The truck was plated for Ontario and Michigan. It was painted white, with green trim. [Hint for vehicle on the right - it may not be what you think it is]

4. The basic construction of the cab was brightened up a bit with some "speed bars" which didn't line up too well between cowl and door. The truck cost $27,000 when new in 1966.

While putting together my Freightliner COE tribute the other day I remembered that in the 1960s, at the same time that White was marketing the White Freightliner, they were also producing their own COE called the White 7000.

It was known in those politically incorrect times as a Jap Freightliner. Meaning that it was a cheap knock-off (how times have changed!)
The 7000 series was certainly several notches below the Freightliner, and was in league with the GMC crackerbox Jimmy COE and trucks of that ilk. Dodge's COE of the era was a far superior unit and Ford had their H series, which was a high mounted C cab and was also viewed as a low cost truck.

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