Monday, October 11, 2010

Kenwoth COE Tribute

Second part of my COE tribute, is of course for Kenworth - the grand daddy of COEs, and known as the Cadillac of the semis.

1. Tri-State of Springfiled IL, ran this superclean COE, with its winter jacket over the grille to conserve some heat in the cab.

2. Farmer's Produce Trucking of Orland, FL and Westfield ME, had a load of produce for O'Brien's Wholesalers at the corner of Barrington and Hollis. A woman co-driver was rare in the 1980s. (That is she across Barrington) The double wide sleeper was also a rarity at the time.

3. Hoopers Moving & Stg of Cal Alberta were very economical of stick-on letters for the driver's door, but somewhat less stingy with headlights. This much used long wheelbase and drom unit was spotted in Quebec September 5, 1987.

4. Ken Giberson Transport Ltd of Newcastle, NB ran a KW Aerodyne. The pioneering streamlined high top sleeper was introduced by KW and was unique. Giberson (now of the amalgamated Miramichi City, NB) still runs some KWs, but all conventionals.
Rivière-du-Loup, QC, July 3, 1992.

5. The Aerodyne, long chassis with drom had a lot of miles under its belt. Polaris Moving & Storage of Whitehorse, Yukon, but taken in Halifax June 27, 1987. He's also got the second set of headlights lower to the road.

6. Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines Ltd operated the sharpest looking trucks on the road. This flat top double sleeper has quite an array of plates and a "#1 Kenworth" plaque up front.
This is a newer model with square headlights and a flatter top to the traditional tombstone grille. Dartmouth,. NS August 20, 1989.

7. CRS (Choice Reefer Systems) had this clean Aerodyne B-Train reefer on the road with Manitoba main plates, but an array of others. Quebec, July 1992. [No relation to CRST = Cedar Rapids Steel Transport, now CRST-Malone]
8. Brookville Transport of Woodstock, NB had this unique Aerodyne on the waterfront in Halifax. It has a triple wide sleeper, and four stacks. Sorry I didn't look to see how many mufflers there were! September 21, 2005.

9. Latter day KW Aerodyne with set-back front axle, nice and clean despite winter conditions (see the KW conventional right behind with a good salt cover) Midland Transport had this one on lease from K&G Transport of Dartmouth, NS, February 12, 1994.

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