Monday, October 18, 2010

Freightliner M2

Truckfax HQ generates a lot of garbage and so we have at least three pickups daily at our backdoor, and each by a different vehicle.

Enviro Waste Ltd is the operator for all the trucks, and they are sometines Freightliners and sometimes Macks and there are different models of trucks too.

Today's noon time pickup was made by this Freightliner M2 112V. It is the heaviest version of the Freightliner M2 vocational class truck, and is distinguished by the large rad and conventional circular headlights. The tear drop/wasp eye headlights are left to the smaller 106V versions and other lighter M2s. It has the aluminum cab, power take off, and set back front axle, and is intended for severe duty. Truckfax is proud that it requires a severe duty truck to haul away our debris.

This truck carries a Universal Handling Equipment rear-loader refuse compactor. Universal is a Canadian company based in Stoney Creek, ON, Red Deer County AB, and Owosso, MI.


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