Saturday, October 16, 2010

Teaser solved

I hinted on October 13 about the truck in the background of a White 7000.

If you said Diamond T - you win the prize. It is indeed a Diamond T, using essentially the same cab as the International "Fort Wayne" also featured here before. (June 27, 2010)

Diamond T was always noted for mid-size trucks, not just big highway tractors. In the days when they had their own cabs, they had a very distinctive and stylish full fendered conventional truck, with a low roof. It was favoured by soft drink, beer and meat delivery companies. When it became outmoded, Diamond T got new cabs from International. (Or from the same supplier as International. FWD got cabs there too as did several others such as Canada Diesel.)

Diamond T never had a tilt cab of their own, and their post war cab-forward model was too dated, and lacked the convenience of the tilt feature, introduced (in mass production) by the White 3000. In 1953 Diamond T began to use the "Fort Wayne" tilt cab, in order to maintain market share in that area.

Thames Valley Brick & Building Material of Chatham, ON had this Diamond T running in May 1966 (a year before Diamond T was taken over by White.) It was a straight truck, with a stake bed to carry brick, block and farm tile. It was not new in 1966, and probably dated to the early 1960s. It was quite a sleek looking job, and its white paint and green trim were always kept well washed.

The Internationals of the era had quad headlights for a time, but Diamond T kept the singles.

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