Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tradition lives on- for now.

1. Fastrax division - in traditional "big orange" colour scheme.

2. M-O with traditional blue, but plainer than the old days.

A while back I decried the current trend to take trucks in factory white and run 'em like that! Day & Ross has apparently forsaken its famous "big orange" scheme and I have seen numerous others, who I won't embarrass by naming - but you know who you are!

I was therefore celebrating in my usual mild mannered way the sighting of two traditional colour schemes today.

Maritime-Ontario, once the holder of the official Truckfax best looking trucks award (they never actually received it, I know, but I still made the award) has gone into intermodal in a big way, but they still do have a few trucks on the road and they look better than decent. They also still sport the legendary blue paint job. There is a lot less originality in it than there once was but at least it ain't white.

Day & Ross still has orange and black trucks, but I guess not new ones. Today I spotted one of their Fastrax Division Western Stars in a traditional paint job. Unlike M-O, D&R never got very fancy, they just kept the basic black and orange, but they do look sharp.
Because both of these trucks are Western Stars, I suspect that they are owner/ operator vehicles. Also neither one is new- the M-O admits to being a 2001 - that's pretty good going, and still looking good.
I promise a few from the shoebox from both of theese companies in the near future, so we can compare the glorious paint jobs of yore!

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  1. Look forward to seeing your shoebox photos on these carriers.

    Your pictures from the 60's and 70's are great,and bring back good memories.

    Thanks for doing this site.

    Bruce M