Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Macks for Mack Month

When bigger engines came along the conventional R model cabs were used with a new wide hood, to carry the bigger radiator, and renamed the Superliner. Usually the hood was wide enough to accommodate the air cleaners inside. An elliptically shaped device with "Super" in it, was attached on the sides of the hood near the radiator. They also got dual headlights.
1. Seen near Rivière-du-Loup, QC May 22, 1989, this Superliner had a sludge tanker on the hook.

2. Canadian Liquid Air's Superliner taking a break at Glenholme, NS August 29, 1989, Exhaust stacks are ahead of the sleeper, requiring cutouts to clear the cab doors. It carries a Ryder sticker on the hood near the windshield and number 361445.

3. Sunbury's number 1144, just in off the highway with a coating of road salt spray March 10 , 1990 in Halifax, NS.

4. Maritime-Ontario's sharp "Family Tradition" with extra height sleeper, in Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth, NS, August 9, 1988.

5. Brand new Superliner with dual outside air cleaners. Burnside Park, Dartmouth, NS, March 3, 1990. This one also has the cutaway corners on the sleeper to accommodate the exhaust stacks and allow the cab doors to open.

6. Heavy haul specialists Transport Dionne from Montreal, QC sent day cab unit#124 to Halifax May 20, 1995.

More Mack models to come as Mack month comes to a close.

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