Friday, May 28, 2010

Mack Transit Mixer Specials

Mack month continues......

As if Mack didn't make enough mixer bodies, they stepped up to the plate with these reverse style transit mix types. Able to carry a bigger drum than most mixers, they were also used for more accurate, and mobile spotting. The driver could drive and pump at the same time.
Although these two are superficially similar, there are several distinctions, including bumper placement, cab roof and mixers.

1. This unit was hauling in Woodstock NB June 30, 1994. Note the wide spread on the rear axles.
2. This brand new rig was ready for work September 21, 1995 at Joliette, QC. There's no bulldog on the hood - too bad. You can also see the hydraulic line that controls the chute position.

The engine was set well back in the frame, and the driver had to be a contortionist to get in the cab. Altough it doesn't show in this photo, the driver's door must have been on the curb side of the cab.

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