Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mack DMM

1. The offset cab is almost flush with the side of the dump body on this unit run by Yvon Lachance et Fils of Rimouski QC. July 1, 1996.

2. Its a long inset on the shotgun side of the offset cab of this rig also operating in Rimouski July 1, 1996.

3. Casey Concrete's DMM was typical of the type, Truro, Nova Scotia October 17, 1996.

4. Ocean Concrete of Halifax ran this clean machine June 1, 1997.

The Mack DMM was the twin steer version of the Mack DM. The big fibreglass tilt hood was slightly sculpted and aligned with the running board. Unlike the steel hood DMs, these ones had the cab vent on the firewall, instead of the side of the cab. The U models also had this arrangement. Some of the DMMs also had a reverse scoop on the hood.

Especially suited for transit mixers, it had various power take off arrangements and protruding bumpers. There were twin steer dump trucks too and these bruisers were going strong during the Quebec paving season.

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