Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Well it is registered as a ship C12916NS of 9.5 gross tons. But is also licensed to traverse the streets and roads of Halifax and pop in and out of the harbour from time to time. A former US Army LARC, it was built by Westinghouse and is classified as an amphibious passenger vehicle.

This is Harbour Hopper 4, one of, yes four, units operated by Murphy Sailing Tours Ltd. Their yard contains the hulls/ chassis of several more awaiting rebuilding or to be used for parts.

HH4 was caught on Saturday as it prepared to thrill another contingent of touristas.

I believe HH4 was called Seymour II when it operated for Seymour Splash, no longer in business, which in turn was part of Ambassatours. The Seymour II photo was taken May 14, 1995.
Harbour Hoppers 1 through 3 will be featured on Truckfax during the summer months.

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