Monday, May 31, 2010

Mack Finale

It's the end of Mack Month, so here's a round up of some of my faves. (You will note some missing models like the Cherry Picker-that's only because I have never taken a picture of one. As for the various Renaults-well wait for Renault month-but don't hold your breath.)

1. This identical pair of B-train CL, E-7 460s waiting for the ferry at St-Siméon, QC, August 28, 1999 pretty much epitomize Mack for me. Maxed out to load wood chips within the 75 feet length limit, "Christian" was running for Champ-Carr.

2. My ALL TIME favourite Mack, the B-73. "Old Timer" showed up at Owl's Head, Maine, ATHS meet, July 26, 1987. I have no record of the owner, but this one is a dandy.

3. The yellow colour can only mean Sunbury Transport. This brand new 2000 Mack Vision appeared at the Moncton, NB truck show June 11, 1999. I'm not sure what the gent on the left finds so interesting , but he is giving it a solid look!
4. Burgess Transfer of Dartmouth, NS #48 was fitted to carry United Van Lines containers as droms and on a drop deck trailer. February 16, 1997.
5. Transport Dionne of Montreal, ran CL700#147. It had an E7-427 and set back axle. Loading machinery on the Halifax waterfront May 20, 1995.
6. New hood, but R model cab, this was brand new at the dealer in Dartmouth, NS, November 8, 1991.
7. Oh Boy - an R-Model with big sleeper, running for the late lamented Jumbo Motor Express. "Newfie Expresss" is reposing between runs, in Dartmouth, NS, March 26, 1988. He's got plates for Ontario and east, and fuel tanks to make a round trip!

And that's it for Mack month.

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