Friday, May 28, 2010

Mack R Models

May is fast expiring, and there are more Macks to go!

Introduced in 1964 the R Model Mack was one of the longest running truck productions on record. Featuring a unitized fibreglass cab and tilt hood, it was a ground breaking vehicle in its time. Finding use as highway tractors, transit mixers, wreckers and just about any other work a truck could do, they seemed to last forever. Early models had the nearly rectangular grille, later models had angled lower corners.
1. This unit was had its twin steer installed at Simard Supsensions in Baie St-Paul, QC and was ready for its mixer body. May 19, 2001. The front axle is set back, and the fenders are angles slightly to the back, showing more recess to the headlights close to the grille than on the normal axle position..
2. Another variation of twin steer at Baie St-Paul, July 1, 2000. It also has a set back axles. Its fuel tanks are still strapped on the frame.

3. Miller Group ran this tractor in its asphalt recycling an re-paving operations. Seen in Kanata, ON, September 30, 1995. This is an earlier model with the nearly rectangular grille. It also had the factory installed radiator guard, sometimes used as a sign board, and the set back front axle.

4. J&J Wrecker Service had long wheelbase unit J8 working on an overturned tank truck at the McCloskey Blvd and Maritime Blvd intersection in Tampa FL April 28, 1995. This is the normal front axle position. The fenders are flush with the grille, and the headlights are only slightly recessed.

5. J&J's unit J3, a shorter wheelbase truck, was also standing by April 28, 1995. This one has a Farr air cleaner and a bug screen . It also has the normal front axle position.

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