Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trucking company plays dirty

I received an e-mail today, of which this was the main body of the text:

"Good afternoon,

We saw on your blog pictures of our units and information concerning the cargo. You did not receive written permission from [name deleted] allowing you to use such images, pictures and information pertaining to our equipment and/or cargo. Having confirmed this we ask that you remove from your blog immediately .
In default of the immediate removal of our images and information we, [name deleted] will have no choice but to seek legal action as may our Client if legal action they choose.
We ask you by the present, a confirmation in writing as soon as the removal has been completed."

I removed the "offending" entries which were in fact quite flattering to their equipment, not because they asked me too, but  because of their heavy handed approach. I suspect they have no right to make such a request, and their e-mail was a form of intimidation. If that is how they wish to operate their company, then I do not wish to be associated with them in any way, nor to publicize them, even though they have nice trucks.


  1. well, [name deleted] seem to like their wanna-be-fancy language.
    I hope you ignored their confirmation demand.

  2. They may not like it but you are well within your rights to photograph anything on a public highway, and certainly can publish it. If they don't like the cargo being shown they should perhaps cover it.

  3. If the photos were shot on public property, they have no right to make this request and their threat of legal action is groundless.

  4. What a load of crap! Pretty rude and stupid of them to threaten somebody for admiring their equipment. It would be nice if we knew who it was.