Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2 count 'em 2 Freightliners

I still see Freightliner COEs on the road after who knows how many years out of production. Yesterday I saw three - I only got photos of two...

One was the well known Watson Freightliner that I have shown here before. It was at the Cerescorp Fairview Cove container terminal to pickup more aircraft components form Europe for Bomardier. On arrival it had a very light payload - couldn't someome buy this guy a nice aluminum gear storage box or headache rack?

 World's smallest container?

 At the other end of town I spotted another, that was new to me. It was running of the Halterm container terminal for Clarke's Flatbed Division, and had a long wheelbase, extra size sleeper, and a headache rack, with twin upright stacks behind the cab.
It also appears to have the swing out steps on the driver's side of the cab, although they weren't in use.

I just missed the third one at Halterm, it is operated by G.K.Morse, and it has been shown here before.  Surely if COEs are still on the road, there must be some demand for them in North America. I am surprised that some manufacturer is not building COEs once in a while.


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