Friday, April 25, 2014

Peterbilts deliver the H2O

Municipal Contracting, long a bastion of Sterling trucks has had to branch out since Sterling production ended. They have, quite appropriately featured Western Star in recent purchases, but I happened to see a pair of Peterbilts this morning, only a few feet away from each other.
These "vocational" Petes are fitted out as water tucks, both delivering H2O to demolition sites for dust suppression and fire prevention. They are also fitted with front mounted pipes to spread water on road construction projects.

 Water water everywhere. Pete number 4M2305 on Granville Street at Sackville.


Two minutes later, 4M3107 on Hollis at Sackville.
I am not sure if there is any significance to the gold wheel hubs-but they are a nice touch. Notice the different fuel tank arrangements between the two trucks.
Rear view shows Interstate Truck Bodies mud flaps from Phoenix AZ. 

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