Sunday, April 13, 2014

American LaFrance continued

As some alert readers pointed out I did not cover all of the Halifax Regional Fire + Emergency Services' LaFrances in my last post.

There are three commercial pumper/tankers in the fleet, all dating from 2002. They are built on  Freightliner tandem axle chassis:

02-302T runs out of Station #18 on #7 Highway in Cole Harbour.

02-303T is an identical unit.
02-304T is also the same.
They are equipped with 1750 gpm pump, 1800 gallon tank and 200 gallon foam tank.

The off side, shows some differences in arrangement.

It is hard to find any American LaFrance references on the these units, except for the ULC Panel 
(too bad they couldn't find some stainless steel rivets)
There are lots of Hale Pump and Foam Pro logos on the pump panel, but no other reference to American LaFrance. When these units were built American LaFrance was part of the Freightliner/ Daimler empire.

There is also a fourth American LaFrance unit on the roster. 04-353E is a custom pumper, which was based at Pleasant Street in Dartmouth. It has a 1750 gpm pump, 700 gallon booster tank and 25 gallons foam, but always eluded my camera. It seems to have been reassigned recently.



  1. there is an identical tanker to these at station 50 in hammonds plains,the custom pumper the ex engine 15 is now 9 engine in lower Sackville.

  2. Mac, The custom American LaFrance Eagle pumper runs out of station 9 in Sackville as Engine 9.