Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mammoet - goes biggish

Considered to be the most compact of its big mobile cranes, the Liebherr 1400-7.1 appears massive nonetheless. Its 7 axle chassis has front and rear steering axles, and a lifting capacity of 400 tonnes (at 3 meters outreach).

Mammoet Cranes of Ayr, Ontario, the eastern Canada division of the huge Dutch lifting company, will soon add this one to their stable, having recently arrived from Europe by ship.
Mammoet's parent web site is worth a visit just to see what they can do:
Normally the Mammoet cranes we see in transit here are new from the factory in elaborate black and red paint schemes. This unit appears to be used and carries a more standard colour scheme. A smaller unit is also in transit  from the Fairview Cove terminal.

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