Tuesday, April 1, 2014

RSB Logistic Inc

Despite being based in Saskatoon, SK, RSB Logistic trucks show up in Halifax on a regular basis. As part of the RSB LOGISTIC Projekspedition GmbH of Koln, Germany, the company is tied into world wide transportation chain. It specializes in the transport of hazardous matrerials, and that's what brings it trucks to Halifax.
The trucks come here to load containers of enriched uranium from the UK bound for South Carolina. The containers arrive by ship at Fairview Cove  and are soon on the road for the US.

On March 13 a container was dropped while unloading, and although there was no spill, the container terminal was locked down as a precaution until it could be secured and landed. 
See Shipfax March 15  for more detail: http://shipfax.blogspot.ca/2014/03/fairview-cove-back-in-business.html

RSB has recently added some new Internationals, but seems to have a wide variety off vehicles in its fleet.

RSB also has a flat deck division and I have seen this Volvo in Halifax several times. Most recently it was stuck in Halifax for several days due to a storm, although it was a nice evening when it fist arrived. Note the wheel covers.

For more on RSB see their web site: www.rsblogistic.com


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