Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring in the Air

Despite some snow on the ground, spring is apparently in the air. How can I tell? The classic trucks that have been garaged all winter are starting to come out of hibernation and roam the highways once again. They will now be relatively safe from road salt until autumn. 1. Once a lowly Ford Econoline pick-up - now a juiced up dually, but with Antique Auto plates! [A vehicle over 30 years old (or a recognized classic) old may carry antique vehicle plates, if it is safety certified, is not a family vehicle, is not used for business. Unlike ordinary cars, which receive one plate, the antique has to carry two plates.]
2. Outdoors at Elmsdale, NS 2011-03-26.
3. A pristine Chev 4X4, back 0n the road.
4. Parked - where else? - the Canadian Tire Store in Truro, NS 2011-03-26. .

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