Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Autocar finale .....for now

I have just about reached the bottom of the shoebox for Custom Driver Cab Autocars, so here is a round up of some offbeat Acars: 1. Ace towing had this extra long wheelbase wrecker attending to a pranged up International 1990-07-21 on Lady Hammond Road and Mackintosh Street in Halifax.
2. Service Provincial had a long wheelbase single axle Acar in wrecker service 1990-08-30 at Baie-St-Paul, QC. The huge non-stock front bumper was integrated with stainless steel fenders and mounted rectangular headlights. I believe this unit was rebuilt from a highway tractor, possibly from Transport Poirlier. The massive lifting gear looked about ready for anything.

3. A.W.Leil had the rig for housemoving, in James River, NS, ca. 1985. Note the twin steer axles, then see below.
4. Leil had rebuilt the truck by June 1989, removing the second steering axle and installing a drop axle. This involved some repositioning of the fuel tank.
5. Another view shows the front differential, so it is a 6x6. I like the rectangular fuel tank converted to a storage box, complete with padlock. Halifax waterfront.

6. Also on the waterfront, but this time the Montreal waterfront, this long wheelbase Acar tractor from Les Entreprises Gilbert Denis Inc was still running. 1995-10-06.
7. Still port related, Port Paving (back in Halifax) had finally removed the plates from this sturdy dump truck 1994-04-16, but it looked capable of taking on another paving season if called for.

8. This dandy twin steer 8x6 was a pulp cutter/loader. The giant saw blade mounted on the trailer was set to cut pulpwood in 8 foot lengths. The crane was mounted on the truck body and the boom was fitted with a grapple and another fitting - purpose unknown. Although they were certainly economising on tires for the trailer, the truck meant business. Ile-Verte, QC, 1997-09-07.


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