Monday, March 14, 2011

More Movers

1. Head to head movers.

2. Freightliner's extended cab (with Babcock body.)

3. International's version (with US Body Co van- a former US truck.)

How to cram several beefy movers into a truck cab? The short extended cab (as opposed to the longer four door crew cab) allows for half a dozen lumpers - packed in, sardine fashion - but doesn't take too much away from payload space.

These are definitely not intended for long distance transportation of people, but they do the job around town and for short moves.

Freightliner and Navistar International seem to have a pretty good lock on these factory extended cabs, as I could see this morning. And of course the cargo box builders can configure a van body around any size or shape of cab to squeeze the maximum cube onto the wheelbase.

AMJ Campbell is a very large Canadian moving outfit, and Premier Executive Suites / Premiere Van Lines was founded by one of Campbell's owners.

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