Friday, March 11, 2011

More Mining Trams [updated]

1. Atlas Copco 5020 [added 2011-03-12]

It was also mining tram day at Fairview this morning. Two competing brands of underground mining trucks were lined up in the parking lot.

2. A pair of these Sandvik 30SX (30 metric tonne) trucks showed up on Atlantic Tiltload trailers. These did not look like new trucks, but they did appear to be in good shape. My guess is they are outbound vehicles, heading overseas.

3. A mighty Atlas Copco 5020 (50 tonne) articulated, all wheel drive tram. This is an inbound unit. No sign of its low profile dump box however, so perhaps it had already left. No tractor on this trailer, so destination is unknown.

I recently uploaded another Atlas Copco unit, see:


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