Monday, March 28, 2011

Had enough Autocars yet?

Not me - I'll never get enough, so here are some more: 1. This garage in Baie-Ste-Catherine, QC promised 'Service Rapide' 1980-09-03. This same truck was sold to Garage Dallaire, and can be seen in its 1983 paint job in the previous post.

2. Named "Captain High Liner"after the National Sea Products ad character, this Acar was carrying fish (or the inedible results therefrom) on the Halifax waterfront 1979-12-01.

3. This one was for sale at the International dealer's lot in Dartmouth, 1980-05-30.

4. And a rare sleeper equipped unit for sale privately, 1979-09-03 in Bedford, NS. Lots of miles left on this one.

5. Coastal Tank Line had this well worn Acar at the dealer's in Dartmouth in March 1976.

6. Bowling, Texaco gas and Autocars - what more could you want? Brand new on the lot, March 1976.

7. A contradiction in terms - a light weight autocar. The plastic hood and fenders said White, but the badge said Autocar. This one was painted in Speedway Transport colours, and was therefore meant for long haul highway work. 1976-05-22.

8. L-J Transport's #31 had a bit less pinstriping than #32, shown previously, August 1978.

9. L-J's #30 - good front, bad rears- hope the operation was a success, also August 1978.

10. I've seen the future. Irving Oil house-built Scots flanking a pair of vintage Autocars. The big Scots would soon replace all the Acars, but they didn't have the staying power. If the stencilled on numbers are dates, the Acar on the right dates from 1971. Photo in Dartmouth 1980-07-06.

11. One of the same trucks #70-145, at Irving's Pleasant Street depot, 1979-09-03 .

12. This is an early Owen Davis Acar, photographed doing parade duty in Halifax, July 1983. The pinstripping and elaborate labelling was a feature of many Autocars in the day.

13. Kaizer Transport, part of Kaizer Construction, had this Autocar hooking up on the waterfront 1983-11-17. It featured a Mercury sleeper, and decorated mud guard with Autocar dogbone logos. It also had the embossed "Autocar Diesel" plate below the cab door (which is slightly open.) The plates must have come from a 1950s era Autocar, which had them on the sides of the hood (see the L-J units above.).

To be continued..........

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