Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Sir .... your crane has arrived.

1. Crane control cab has been boxed in for shipment.

2. Truck cab end being prepared, and tarp covering opening where telescoping sections will be fitted.

Well most of your crane has arived anyway.

This Liebherr LT 1500-81, 500 ton truck crane arrived in Halifax by ship yesterday and was promptly loaded onto a rail car. Since all rail lines head west from Halifax, it is safe to say it is going in that direction. However Mammoet (also a heavy lift ship operator) has a large crane business in Canada, both in eastern Canada and the west.

The crane, less counterweight tips the scale at 96 tonnes. This is reduced considerably by shipping the telescopic boom section separately. When rigged with the boom alone it extends to 84m but with the lattice jib it will go to 145m with a 108m outreach.

The truck is capable of highways speeds and has its own 500 kW (670 bhp) engine and drives a 16 x 8 x 12 wheel arrangement.

For more on Leibherr see their website:

then go to LTF truck mounted telescopic cranes for specs on the LT 1500-81 and an array of other models.
As you can see Mammoet also has a web site: Look for their Canada East and Canada West sections.

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