Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remember the Fargo?

Once upon a time Chrysler Canada marketed two distinct lines of cars and trucks. Each with separate dealerships, they were Plymouth/Chrysler/Imperial/Fargo Trucks and Dodge/DeSoto/Dodge Trucks. From 1938 to 1972 Fargo trucks were built and sold only in Canada, and over the years became less and less distinct - eventually they were merely Dodges with Fargo nameplates and chrome. Chrysler also built Fargo trucks for export to Europe and Asia, but these were US built. The largest Fargo trucks (over 3 ton) were also US built.

There were of course loyal Fargo owners. One "bulk" buyer was the fire truck builder, Thibault of Pierreville, QC. The number of fire trucks built by Thibault on Fargo chassis outnumbered any others for a time.

1. A 1947 Fargo, nicely rebuilt in Forestville QC, August 13, 2003.

2. This 1958 Fargo cab and chassis with Thibault pumper was last in service with the Trois-Pistoles, QC FD. It then migrated to a nearby commercial museum where it served as a billboard. September 8, 2004.

3. Service Incendie Estcourt, QC Station#2 at Pohénégamook had this Fargo/Thibault at a fire fighter's meet in Cabano, QC September 1, 1989. Like many rural departments, the firefighters reported to the scene, not the station, so the truck also carried all the bunker gear on board.

General Motors of course built and sold Chevrolet and GMC trucks in the US and Canada through their Chevrolet and Pontiac dealer lines. They also built the Maple Leaf for a time, also a distinctively Canadian truck. Not to be outdone, Ford built Ford and Mercury trucks, with the latter being exclusively Canadian -more on them another time!

For some more Fargo history see:

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  1. Hi I am a newby to this site, we have a friend that cannot continue his restoration of a 1949 Fargo 1 ton, we are looking for an electrical diagram to wire it up, any chance that someone might have a manual or source for such...Glenn