Monday, June 14, 2010

Nova Scotia VFDs: #1 Merigomish + District VFD

I will be featuring Nova Scotia Volunteer Fire Departments from time to time. This is the first in the series.

A train derailment near Avondale Station, NS on Sunday brought mention of the volunteer fire departments that provide so much first line response in rural Nova Scotia. Strapped for people due to an aging population, and forced to raise their own money for equipment purchase, these departments nonetheless do admirable work.
Several departments near Avondale Station responded to the derailment, and many families were forced to evacuate their homes. One of the emergency shelters was set up in the Merigomish fire hall.
It has no doubt expanded since I took these pictures in October 1983:
1. The force had just retired their 1950s GMC Bickle-Seagrave. Fitted with rigid hose for drafting (pumping water from ponds and wells) it had a tank, hose bed and ladder rack.

2. The hall had been emptied for a fundraising event, and the apparatus was lined up outside.

3. Unit #1 was a GMC tanker, fitted with pumping gear and ladders.
Unit #2 was a similar vehicle, but on a Chev Chassis, and Unit #3 was also a Chev, a "fast attack" pumper/rescue.
This department is expected to respond to structure fires, forest fires, train and car accidents, and any sort of emergency that may happen in their territory.

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