Monday, June 21, 2010

Canadian Military Vehicles

Three types of Canadian military vehicles were parked at Debert, NS on Sunday.

The LSVW (Light Support Vehicle, Wheeled) is an Iveco 40.1, used by many NATO countries. The Canadian version was built by Western Star starting in 1993. Some 2800 of these were built. Two of these units can be carried on a Hercules transport plane. [see also April 13]

On the left is the newest Canadian MSV (Military Support Vehicle) called the MILCOTS (Militarized Commercial off the Shelf) It is a Navistar 7400 SFA, 6x6. For once, it is not built in Canada. Instead International opted to build them in Garland TX. Although based on a commercial model, International stated that they were not suitable for assembly line production in the Chatham, ON plant. (Soon after the contract was awarded, International laid off people at the Chatham plant, which had also received large government funding.)
Some 1300 will be supplied in several variants. These trucks are not armoured, and will not serve overseas. [see also April 15]

The old standby LVW (Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled) 6X6 based on the US M35 is the backbone of Canadian land forces. Although a 1950s design, they were introduced in 1982 and some 2700 were built by Bombardier. They may be replaced in 2011 to 2012 due to the wear and tear of overseas service.

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