Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lone Stars in Moncton

International LoneStars were on display today at East Coast International Trucks Inc in Moncton, NB. Among them was a Lone Star Harley-Davidson model, with some wear and tear on it. That means it was probably a 2009 model, of which only 250 were built.
The Harley model has genuine Harley bug-eye headlights, different grille, various badges and plates and the 7 inch diameter stacks. The Harley model comes in only one body style and paint scheme, but otherwise there are several drivetrain options.

Renaud's Transport of St.Antoine, NB operates the truck for Renaud's Furniture.

There were new units too, including the big diameter angled stacks, with the standard wasp eye headlights.

Most of the other new units were facing the TransCanada Highway which races by in the background of these shots.

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