Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Shot # 30

When Daimler, via Freightliner, started Sterling it was to take over the Ford heavy truck line. However in later years, when Daimler had control of Chrysler, they had access to the Dodge truck line and began to offer a small Sterling truck, named the Bullitt, which was in fact a re-branded Dodge. Of course it competed with Dodge, but also with the Ford F350 and the Chev/GMC equivalents.
None of the other Class 8 truck builders offered a pick-up size truck, although International tried to get in on the action.
There aren't a lot of Bullitts on the road - I know of only two in the Halifax area, and I'm waiting for a shot at the second one.
This one is operated by Ace Towing, the "You flip'em, We tip 'em" folks. Unit 28 patrols downtown at rush hour and was waiting to head down Sackville Street this afternoon. The trade mark Ace "A" on the front partly obscures the Sterling name.

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