Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Volvo models

The Volvo Canada web site is no help in identifying these Volvo models. They haven't been around long, so must be 2009 or 2010 models. The only identifiers on them other than the Volvo badge, is the "VolvoPower" label on the hood side ahead of the vent.

Keltic Transport had this unit at Lounsbury's in Moncton, NB today.
This Atlas Van Lines rig was standing by at McKay's in Truro, NS this morning. The tractor is backed part way under the trailer, but not hooked up.
Update: This is the Volvo VT 880 class, introduced in 2005 for the 2006 model year. Aimed at the owner/operator, it carries the D16 Volvo engine rated at 550 or 625 bhp, a turbo-charged 6 cylinder engine from Europe. New units are still available, but they are no longer promoted. Cruising through various dealer's ads, I found a 2008 for sale new.

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