Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Shot

I can't keep track of all the random shots, so I've given up numbering them. But when I see a nice truck I just try to gets its picture.

Today I saw this nicely done up Volvo with moose bar. Sunbury Transport, part of the Irving operation, is their special commodity carrier, but they are not seen that often in Halifax. Their yellow colour scheme is distinctive and when combined with nicely a fitted out truck is worth a shot.
The sign board atop the cab is a little odd- it seems to be out of keeping with the streamlining, but otherwise very sharp rig.
Harry Compagner of Island View, NB is the operator.

1 comment:

  1. Harry Compagner is originally from Holland and came over to drive for Sunbury and bought this nice Volvo unit. The sign board on top of his cab is actually a customer cover over his European style lights that you would find on a Scania or Volvo in Europe. I believe he was picking up a European truck that day for himself or someone he knows as I saw it going down the highway. Harry is an amazing guy and loves his European trucks and is a true proffessional operator.