Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road Trip Report - Part 3

For those of you who are not interested in European trucks-you will only have this one more to endure (before I get to the European buses that is)
Here are some more smaller trucks spotted in Barcleona-again, quite a variety of makers:

Tight turning circles a specialty of this Ford Transit. (Don't call 911 in Spain, the emergency number is 112)

Anyone here call for an ambulance and a tow truck? Ford Transit hitches a ride on a Nissan tilt deck - lots of Nissans on the road in Spain.

IVECO Eurocargo:

Many small trucks around, like this tiny compacter.


A few oldies too.


Answer to my motorhome quiz: Peugeot makes these cab/chassis. Stable mate Citroen sells a similar one with different grille. Is that a sleeper above the cab?

Looking for a North American truck in Spain - this is the best I could do:

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  1. Yes that's a sleeper above the cab on the Peugeot,it's on Polish tags so it's a long way from home.Much the same as yourself in Spain!.