Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freightliner classics

I have found a couple of classic Freightliners working on the Halifax waterfront.
First off is a COE twin steer concrete pumper. It has been set up at pier 9B to support a continuous pour that will be going on for several days. The truck was brought in from Saint John, NB for the job, probably because a local truck could not be found to dedicate for so long a period of time. McNally Construction is the general contractor and Bedford/Quality are supplying the concrete. They have a mixed fleet of Macks (some twin steer) and Volvos on the job.
Most concrete pumpers are now mounted on Mack chassis since there are so few heavy duty cab forwards being built.

1. Freightliner COE twin steer from FCS (the Rocca Group) of Saint John, NB at Pier 9B.

At the other end of the port, Phil Leil has a classic split windshield, Freightliner set-back conventional at work to move a construction shed. The shed, the size of a house, also belongs to McNally Construction, and was used for the pier C extension. The hydraulically operated trailer was set up by only three men using a P and H truck crane (another classic) and a front end loader to slide the beams under the house. Pros make the job look easy! Leil's equipment  is spotlessly clean and freshly painted.
[Footnote: the motto FROG appears on the equipment. It stands for Fully Rely Upon God]

 2. Split windshield and set back axle - classic combination.
 3. Assistance came from another classic-the P&H truck crane.
 4. The empty trailer required some short extensions to accommodate the house.
5. Loaded and ready, with extensions fitted (they are only prime painted.) 

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  1. This is cool to see, thanks for posting! I really like that green Freightliner.

    I've seen that FCS Freightliner around here in SJ many times.