Sunday, June 17, 2012

Western Stars-add those extra axles

Western Stars are built for heavy work, but sometimes the regular three axles just don't do the job to spread the weight. Just as there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat, there are lots of ways to add the third axle, depending on what you want to do.
1. Atlantic Tiltload's unit #88 has a short hood and short wheelbase, so a tag axle with air lift has just recently been added to an already sharp looking rig.
2. and 3. Dexter/Municipal had this pair of Stars heading west at the New Brunswick/Quebec border on May 22. Complete with flag cars, they were hauling a pair of wide Cat dumpers. With a longer wheelbase, they were able to add a drop axle ahead of the drivers, but were not using them when these shots were taken. Identifiable only by their black company numbers on the lower edge of the sleepers, Dexter's trucks never display the company name. (Trucks without sleepers have the number on the door).

 4. This twin steer Star has been on display at the dealer's lot for a few weeks now. Depending on the intended use, this is another option, and is available direct from the factory.

5. This nicely chromed WStar showed up at Lockhart's in Burnside May 2. I posted a photo of it at their Westville lot in April.

Digging back a few years into the files here are a few more:

6. At the dealer, before the fenders were installed, this longer hood version has the short sleeper and a nice headache rack with storage for chain and other gear.

7. Need that third axle all the time? I caught this one on its delivery trip to Newfoundland. Even the long wheelbase will not save this one from lots of tire scrub.

8. And now for something completely different. Add a few railway axles and make a hi-railer. Note the railroad horn under the front bumper. The suspension system for the front rail axle must make it tricky to climb into the cab. This rig was running a short ballast train to place armour rock along the Chemin de Fer de Charlevoix in Quebec. I  assume it is a Brandt conversion, but never did see a label on it. It may also have special gearing for reverse running.

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