Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sicards still fighting Snow

The name Sicard has long been synonymous with snowblowers, even thought the company has been out of business for many years. Its successor companies are still around with various brand names, but many of the original units are still on the road.
This summer in Quebec I saw several in various states of repair.

1. Fernand Harvey of La Malbaie has numerous snow clearing contracts in the Charlevoix region. This unit looks ready for work. It appears to have a newer cab than body, and has probably been reconditioned. The low hood section between cab and blower motor is typical of older units. August 21, 2010, La Malbaie, QC.

2. This late model /rebuilt blower appears ready to eat the Honda. The shear size of the unit is apparent when compared to the car and a highway semi-trailer. August 15, Notre-Dame-du-Lac, QC.

3. These units, an SMI (Sicard Motor Industries) on the left and a Sicard on the right are in process of rebuilding by J.A.Larue. The orange paint visible on the SMI unit is indicative of its history as a Transport Canada airport unit. Note the roof has been raised. August 16, 2010, Quebec City.

4. This Transport Canada airport unit looks a little worse for the wear and may also be a candidate for a Larue rebuilt. August 16, 2010, Quebec City.

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